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Christopher Romero

(Lead Developer) is COO of the new social VR platform, HolojamVR, led by Academy Award winning computer scientist Ken Perlin. In VR he developed code and UX for Flock, a HolojamVR experience that premiered at the Festival of Storytelling 2016; a demo for the CEO of Ikea; a model of an airport for a phobia reduction game; and is now lead developer on CVRTAIN. Christopher led the technical production teams at Nickelodeon Online (, Worldwide Biggies (Princess Bride Game, American Girl Virtual Word), FunGoPlay (connected online virtual world and offline physical activity product), and Adoptive (Bundoo, Yale Medicine website and application servers).

Christopher studied Poetics at New College of California with Robert Duncan and others. He plays Balinese Gamelan with Sekar Jaya in California and Dharma Swara in NYC and has performed at the Bali Arts Festival, Symphony Space, the U.N. and The Stone. His composition Uncertainty for gamelan and electronics premiered in Bali in 2006. He played and wrote songs for the bands Buddha Belly and Pellet in Toronto. He plays electronic percussion with Steve Horowitz’s Code International on “Elevator Culture” and other words. As a solo artist he has created two albums of material - “Pretty Sketchy” and “Some Are”. He produced two DVDs (“3 Films By Elias Romero” and “Ramayana”) and conceived, produced and created projections for the shadow puppet play Wayang Jataka with I Gusti Sudarta and Andy McGraw. Sensitive Skin magazine has published two of his poems (2015-2016).